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Raia Nova

Short Description
Hack your way through monstrous hordes in the funny, fanservicey ARPG. The great tournament has gone horribly wrong, and fighting has broken out everywhere. Choose your hero and journey through different worlds to find the source of the memory wiping curse.


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Long Description
Warriors and mages of the Mercury Scepter Tournament battle and spill blood under a mysterious spell. Choose your hero and journey through many worlds of challenging top down combat. Combine skills from a huge arsenal. Play the way you want, choose your skills and progression with a unique skill tree. Customize your survival strategy to be based on mobility, defense, or invincibility windows. Builds can be based on fire, ice, poison, plagues, dissolving pools, grenades, cosmic rays, radiation, acid rain, and much more. The great sage Sagathu is a legendary figure who holds a worldwide tournament. But when a mysterious mind wipe spell causes fighting and chaos it becomes clear that something else is happening. The world seems full of strange happenings, investigate the frozen fortress holding the power of the Breaker. Enter the terrifying dream world of Dhalia, the flower that draws blood. Face the greatest magic user alive beneath the spires of the Shining City.

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